Andrew Elsoffer is a community leader, investment advisor and soccer coach based in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the course of his career, Andrew has worked in various different states and industries. Each new experience accelerated his business acumen and people-first philosophy.

In 1982, Andrew graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science and Business Administration. A year later, he founded Culinary Marketing Incorporated, a one-stop-shop for event management, catering and marketing. This moment is where Andrew found his entrepreneurial spirit and a client-focused mindset.

During this same period, Upon graduating in 1982, Andrew Elsoffer played soccer semi-professionally in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Ann Arbor Cannon Soccer Club, and later professionally for the Detroit Kickers (1983–1984).

Soccer provided Andrew a way to connect with the youth of his community. To him, nothing has been more important than helping the new generations prosper and grow into responsible, caring adults. It is with young people that he feels he can make the most significant impact. Andrew has held coaching positions at Ohio Olympic Development, Notre Dame College (Euclid Campus), Shaker Heights High School, Nordonia High School and Orange High School. Andrew Elsoffer also connects with his community through incredible nonprofits. He spent over 5 years working as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, and 8 years with The Cleveland Swim for Diabetes Association, serving as the co-chair for 2 of those years.

After deciding to focus on his career as a financial advisor, Andrew found himself missing the sport, and began looking for ways to get involved again. He turned to coaching. The result… Andrew has been a soccer coach for over 20 years. He has coached high school, college, and club teams. What’s more, he also is the former President of the Orange Crush Soccer League in his hometown community.

After almost 10 years in the demanding and time-consuming industry of event management, Andrew Elsoffer knew he had to shift careers. He accepted a position as a Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch in Cleveland, Ohio. For over 17 years, Andrew built a thriving business, growing assets under management to over 100 million dollars. Andrew lead his advisory team in the development of new client communication protocols, asset management strategies and client acquisition procedures. At Merrill Lynch, he learned the complexities and nuances of managing client portfolios, while embracing the benefits of formal financial planning.

His coaching background helped him navigate the team dynamic at Merrill Lynch, and promote a positive work environment for his advisory team. Not withstanding every job, life change, or zipcode Andrew Elsoffer has experienced, he continued to coach through 20 consecutive seasons.

In his (little) free time, Andrew can be found spending time with his wife of 30 years and their son, Lenny. He also enjoys getting out and about in nature. An avid hiker and bike rider, he feels most alive and at peace when there’s sky overhead.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Andrew Elsoffer is a soccer coach, community leader, and outdoorsman. Learn more @