The Best Books For Outdoors Lovers In 2022

National Geographic: The National Parks, An Illustrated History — Kim Heacox

This book is an inspired tribute to America’s national parks. The author takes you on a magical journey through the parks, where she learns about the history of the country’s cultural and natural treasures. She also shares the stories of an amateur diver who came across a Civil War treasure and the first female park ranger.

No Shortcuts To The Top — Ed Viesturs

The story of the main character, who is a renowned mountaineer, is told in a triumphant and captivating manner. In the opening scene of the book, the protagonist is on his way to becoming the first American to climb all 14 of the world’s highest mountains. He nearly gets thrown off the mountain when he and his friend get caught in an avalanche.

Rising: Becoming the First North American Woman On Everest — Sharon Wood

In this memoir, the author talks about her experiences climbing Mount Everest, and she shares her journey of overcoming her limitations. She was part of a team that tried to reach the summit of the mountain in 1986. The goal of the team was to try and reach the summit and help Sharon become the first North American woman to do so.



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