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Andrew Elsoffer
2 min readFeb 9, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio-based Andrew Elsoffer is an investor, soccer coach, and active community member. Andrew has worked with a variety of businesses during his career. Andrew attributes his entrepreneurial drive and customer-first company philosophy to his successes and fondly recalls how each new encounter has improved his business and interpersonal skills.

Andrew received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. He majored in poly sci and minored in business administration. A year later, he established Culinary Marketing Incorporated, a one-stop shop for event planning, catering, and marketing.

After thriving in the high-speed world of event management for over ten years, Andrew began working in Cleveland, Ohio as a Wealth Management Advisor for Merrill Lynch. For more than 17 years, Andrew nurtured and grew the firm, increasing the assets under control to over $100 million. Andrew oversaw the creation of new client communication protocols, asset management plans, and client acquisition methods with his advisory team. He gained knowledge of the difficulties and subtleties of managing client portfolios at Merrill Lynch while embracing the advantages of formal financial planning.

Andrew’s life is just as busy on the soccer field when he isn’t working. The pitch has always been Andrew Elsoffer’s favorite place to spend his free time. He started playing the sport as a varsity athlete in high school. Andrew played semi-professionally for the Ann Arbor Cannon Soccer Club after graduating in 1982 and then professionally with the Detroit Kickers for two seasons. In later years, Andrew found himself missing the sport after preferring to concentrate on his work as a financial adviser. He then started seeking opportunities to get back into it. His experience as a coach assisted him in navigating the Merrill Lynch team dynamic and encouraging a pleasant work environment for his advisory team.

In addition to coaching adults, Andrew also interacts with the young people in his neighborhood via soccer. Nothing has been more important to him than seeing tomorrow’s stars thrive and develop into mature, compassionate people. Additionally, Andrew Elsoffer engages with his neighborhood via philanthropy. He volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House for more than five years, and he spent eight years with the Cleveland Swim for Diabetes Association, two of those years as co-chair.

Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife of 30 years and their son in his limited spare time. He also takes pleasure in exploring the outdoors, where he rides his bike and goes hiking.

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Andrew Elsoffer

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Andrew Elsoffer is a soccer coach, community leader, and outdoorsman. Learn more @